The following is a 0-60 user guide for non-admin users of klemi. It should be useful for distribution amongst role-holders (e.g. youth ministry co-ordinators, music team leaders)  in your church who don’t need to know everything about klemi but will need to input some data.

Okay so what is Klemi?

Klemi is a church management software platform. It allows information on church members and activities to be stored in one central location, edited by those authorised and then shared with those who need to know it.

And what do I need to get on it?

  • A Computer/Tablet/phone with a web browser
  • An account with either Google, Amazon or Facebook that matches the email address held for you on klemi (what if it doesn’t match?). You will use this to log in
  •  Your Klemi Administrator to give you access.

What do I do with it when I’m in?

Most likely you are either looking for how to manage service rotas, how to view the members of a particular group or how to record attendance for a youth group.