Klemi 101

Klemi Giving Overview

The Klemi Giving Module is a separate web service provided to klemi customers to handle online giving. It connects with information stored on your klemi installation to give you all you need to receive and process donations. The following page gives a basic overview of the core functionality covering campaigns, donations, payments and payment processing […]

Payments – 101

Klemi’s payment system works like most basic commerce tools. You set up ‘products’ (which could be as diverse as a weekend away ticket, a meal, a book etc.). Each product has a price and can be viewed publicly, members select the products they would like, add them to a cart and then pay for them […]

The Service Grid

Service Grid Introduction The Service Grid is a representation of the key information about services in table format. It allows administrators and service planners to get a quick and easier overview of upcoming services and their sermon series, sermon title, reading(s), the responsibilities (or roles) assigned for it, information about absences and space to add notes. Some people […]

The Service Manager

Servicemanager – The Service Grid and the Service Planner The servicemanager allows you to plan services. There’s a  service grid for you to fill in all the headline information (date, location, service type, sermon title, reading etc.) and share it. You can also assign members to roles, collect availability information. As the complexity of Sunday mornings increases […]


Prayer We believe prayer is the backbone of any Christian ministry. Klemi doesn’t pray for you 😉 but she can help you to organise the information that you’d like your people to pray for. Over time we’ve realised this also becomes a vital channel of communication  – and what a great way to communicate – […]

Departments, Roles & Groups

Departments, Roles and Groups Summary The Basic Church administration structure on Klemi is based around two big concepts: Roles and Groups. To use klemi well, it’s important to grasp these. In basic terms: Roles are used to help answer the question “What do people do?” – e.g. Minister, Lay Reader, Sidesperson, Youth Leader, I/C Flower […]

Members & Families

Members & Families Members have name, email and other basic contact information (more on member fields here). They belong to families which have an address and postcode associated. Klemi allows for the members of the family to be ordered for presentation purposes. You can also add family photos (more on how to get members into […]