Custom Fields

Klemi allows users to add any number of additional custom fields to their members records. This means you can have any number of additional attributes stored alongside the standard fields in Klemi. To add custom fields to your installation, head over to settings  and click “+ Add Custom Field” under the “Custom Fields” section. Here […]


Settings Klemi allows super admin to edit basic settings for their klemi installation. This includes things like the name of your church (which will appear on emails, and on various klemi views), the google calendar ids that are integrated into your servicemanager, the google service account that does all your interaction with google services,  your […]

Custom Service Grids (aka ‘rotas’)

Custom Grids Once you’ve got your head around our basic service grid, you might like to create additional grids. For example you might want to spread your columns over more than one grid (because you’ve got too many to make it work well on a single screen) create a grid showing only your youth work […]