Getting Started

Settling in Plan

If you’ve taken out a settling in plan you can expect the following for the length of the plan. Regular contact with a Klemi representative via email, telephone or video conference including screen share. Training for designated super administrator to cover Klemi basic concepts Key Administrator tasks Best workflow Instruction and consultancy on optimum setup […]

What is Klemi?

The following is a 0-60 user guide for non-admin users of klemi. It should be useful for distribution amongst role-holders (e.g. youth ministry co-ordinators, music team leaders) ┬áin your church who don’t need to know everything about klemi but will need to input some data. Okay so what is Klemi? Klemi is a church management […]

Payments – Getting Started

Payments Klemi uses a PayPal integration to allow you to collect money for products and services. We recommend getting onto PayPal’s non-profit service that allows you to collect payments with minimal overheads. Then plug it into our commerce payments module for things like events, weekend away bookings etc. Here’s a step by step for getting […]

Logging In

The Basics Klemi logins are processed through third party Identity Provider services – Google, Amazon and Facebook. This means you’ve got one less password to remember. Hooray! Users that want to log in can be added by any super administrator by going to the members record for that person and giving them access under “Actions”. […]

Getting Started on Klemi

This page is for church administrators implementing Klemi. If you’re just looking for the basic on how to use it, find out ‘What is Klemi?’ Have a think… Before you get going you’ll need to decide: A super admin email a church name a suggested short unique name which will be your church’s klemi nickname. […]