Duplicating Products

Klemi’s payment system allows you to collect money for things like events at your church. It works using “Categories” which group together “Products”. Our Payments 101 guide has more. The following video assumes you have already set up a product but now want to replicate it. For example, perhaps you set up the Holiday Club […]

Payments – Paid Setup

If you follow the instructions you should be able to link klemi and paypal yourself without any extra help. However, you may feel you’d like someone to do it for you, and in that case, we’re happy to help for an hourly rate. If you ask us to set you up, we’ll do the following: […]

Payments – 101

Klemi’s payment system works like most basic commerce tools. You set up ‘products’ (which could be as diverse as a weekend away ticket, a meal, a book etc.). Each product has a price and can be viewed publicly, members select the products they would like, add them to a cart and then pay for them […]

Payments – Getting Started

Payments Klemi uses a PayPal integration to allow you to collect money for products and services. We recommend getting onto PayPal’s non-profit service that allows you to collect payments with minimal overheads. Then plug it into our commerce payments module for things like events, weekend away bookings etc. Here’s a step by step for getting […]