If you follow the instructions you should be able to link klemi and paypal yourself without any extra help. However, you may feel you’d like someone to do it for you, and in that case, we’re happy to help for an hourly rate. If you ask us to set you up, we’ll do the following:

  1. Coach (!) a designated person (usually the treasurer) through your registration as a non-profit at paypal. (I say coach, because you will need to do some of the processing yourselves and ultimately you will want to take ownership of the paypal side of things in order to be able to make transfers from the account into your church account.
  2. Set up a paypal developer account associated with your paypal account
  3. Set up API credentials to allow klemi to collect money into your church paypal account.
  4. Install those API credentials on klemi.
  5. Test them with an example product to make sure that the connection has been successfully made.