Klemi uses a PayPal integration to allow you to collect money for products and services.
We recommend getting onto PayPal’s non-profit service that allows you to collect payments with minimal overheads. Then plug it into our commerce payments module for things like events, weekend away bookings etc.
Here’s a step by step for getting started – skip to the end if you’d rather not know and want someone else to do it for you!
  1. Register with PayPal as a non-profit.
  2. Head over to the PayPal developer platform¬†and create a new app under “REST API apps”
  3. Create a new set of Live credentials – this will give you a “Client ID” and a “Secret”
  4. Now come back to Klemi and open up your settings (the cog on the left nav bar).
  5. Find the PayPal section and paste your client id and secret into here.
  6. Add an email to be notified at in connection with your PayPal transactions, and a merchant name, which will be the name that PayPal presents to your users as they purchase.
  7. Bingo! You can now start receiving payments using PayPal.

If you’d rather not do this yourself you can always ask us to do it for you.