Klemi’s payment system works like most basic commerce tools. You set up ‘products’ (which could be as diverse as a weekend away ticket, a meal, a book etc.). Each product has a price and can be viewed publicly, members select the products they would like, add them to a cart and then pay for them using PayPal. They can pay either with their PayPal account or just using card details.


In order to organise your products and present them to your members klemi insists that each product belongs to a category. Each category then has a url that you can share or link to from your website to allow your members to make a purchase. A category might be something like “Weekend Away 2018”, and that category might contain 3 products e.g. Weekend Away 2018 Adult Ticket, Weekend Away 2018 Children’s Ticket, Weekend Away 2018 Saturday Only Ticket. When you share the url for the “Weekend Away 2018” category, on those three products will be visible.


Each product on klemi has a title, a description and a price. A product can also have any number of attributes which represent information required at signup time. So, for example, a “Weekend Away 2018 Adult Ticket” product may have a drop down related to whether the person who buys it needs a lift. Attributes can be plain text, multi-select (choose any number of options), ¬†or single select (chose only one of the available options). These will be presented to the buyer at checkout time for them to fill out, and this information will then be saved on klemi for your to access in future.


Once purchases have been made you will want to see a record of these. Klemi allows you to do so under “payments” > “carts”. Here you will see all carts by default. By clicking on any category klemi will present only the carts for that category, e.g. “Weekend Away 2018”. Klemi also allows you to export the carts (this will give you the contact information provided via PayPal) and also export individual items (this will give you a break down of each product with the attributes that buyers have filled in, like whether they want a lift, or how old they are etc.). You can also get a quick glance at any cart by clicking “show” next to the cart.

Coupons & Payment plans.

Klemi allows you to create coupons in the payment section. This means you can give discount codes to congregations members. You can create coupons by following the gift box icon in the payment module.

Klemi also allows you to set up payment plans Рuseful for larger purchases. So for example if you want to accept money for a weekend away you can ask for 40% initially, and then 30% in two  instalments a couple of months apart. Payment plans are created within the product view. Just go to create a new product or edit an existing one and you will see the payment plan options.