Members & Families

Members have name, email and other basic contact information (more on member fields here). They belong to families which have an address and postcode associated. Klemi allows for the members of the family to be ordered for presentation purposes. You can also add family photos (more on how to get members into klemi here).
Members can be listed, sorted, filtered and exported to the clipboard (for you to paste somewhere else), a .csv file (good for spreadsheets) or to a mailing lists to sync with mail chimp.

Searching Members

We realise search matters. It’s no good getting information into klemi if you can’t have it back!
You’ve probably already seen our standard members search. It’s designed to be super simple – one free-form text that searches across multiple fields and tags. It’s quick, and most of the time it does the job nicely.

…Introducing Advanced Search

But sometimes you want a bit more, something like…
“Klemi, give me all the members born since 2000”
“Klemi, give me all the members except those tagged ‘awkward'”
(Okay, please don’t ever use our tagging like that, but you get my point)

You get the idea

Well now you can do both of those and much more.
Klemi now accepts complex queries like:
date_of_birth > “2000-01-01” or – tag = “awkward”
(that little minus sign means ‘omit’)
If you’d like to know more, head over the members page and click on “search options”. There’s also a more extensive guide


Everyone’s got their own work flows when it comes to church member administration so we’ve built a tagging layer into klemi. Any member and any family can be tagged with any number of custom tags, which are then searchable. So if you want to tag all the enthusiasts with ‘keen-bean’ and then, say, send them all an email to congratulate them on being so keen, you can. If you want to. Just as an example…

Leaving Well

Leaving a church is often a sad time for all concerned, but it can also be an administrative hassle – how do I extract this person from all the things they have registered involvement in? Klemi makes it easy. Click ‘Archive’ on the member’s profile page, all their role assignments will be closed and their membership will be flagged as no longer current. Depending on your privacy policy you can then decide how long you want to retain the member’s information. If you want to erase the information completely, hit ‘delete’ – but there’s no going back from that! One more thing – we realise people tend to leave in batches, usually in families, so we’ve also added the same functionality to families. Hit the archive button, and each member in that family will be archived.