Custom Grids

Once you’ve got your head around our basic service grid, you might like to create additional grids. For example you might want to
  • spread your columns over more than one grid (because you’ve got too many to make it work well on a single screen)
  • create a grid showing only your youth work responsibilities
  • show a pared down version of you main grid to simplify admin for a sermon planning

You can do so by simply beginning to edit the columns on the existing grid. As soon as you start editing klemi will give you the option of either saving the current grid in this new configuration (which updates the existing grid) or saving it as a new one (which leaves the original grid unchanged and creates a new one). All grids will appear under the service manager menu items.

NB: Don’t remove all the columns in a grid before adding new ones as you always need a minimum of one column from which to build.

A Word on How Grids Work

You should think of grids as a window into existing information. That’s important because it means that if you delete a column, the information in the column has not been deleted, you’ve simply ‘closed the window’ – so it’s just no longer visible on this particular grid. To delete the information you will need to delete the individual service role assignments. You can do this by going to “show/edit components” from the service grid and then “edit participants”.