The following document explains how best to use the fields when editing hymns on Klemi.

Reference: an aid for service leaders to point to existing print copies for the congregation. E.g. New English Hymnal 45.

Copyright notice: as often listed on sheet music

Ccli: include if available

Notes: a good place for bible references (because the notes field is included in the component search), a bit of  history behind songs to allow service leaders to enhance their introductions, Biographical info on hymn writers etc

Performance notes: Info for music leaders, singers & instrumentalists so that we lead the songs in a similar way each time (with scope for development) so congregation gets used to “the way we sing it here” – for ease of congregational singing.

Might reference structure & repetitions, tempo, keys, style, a cappella, intros, build of song….etc..  ie. General current working practice for individual songs that work well and would benefit from being repeated.

Url: Song specific link to published place on the web. A way of acknowledging the source.

Add resource: a google drive integration to allow pdf lead sheets / piano music to be linked to individual hymns. This automatically links files to Klemi’s ‘Public Service Planner’ for musicians to prep from.

Further Notes for a Suggested Workflow

Service Planner: service-specific notes for songs can be annotated here such whether to omit a verse, point out the connection between the music and the service theme (for the benefit of the service leader) etc.

Public Service Planner: Once songs have been dropped into services on the ‘Service Planner’ double check ‘Public Service Planner’ is working well for musicians to access for their prep.

Resources: when adding new hymn pdfs – name your files sensibly in google drive first of all so that there’s no confusion when you need to add multiple resources – e.g. first line (chorus in brackets) & indicate whether lead / piano / guitar version. Klemi will list files by file name.