Communications (Mailchimp – beta)

Klemi integrates with to allow the creation of dynamic lists which can be synced with mail chimp distribution lists. This allows you to use a market leading package to send mailings to your people without having to worry about maintaining a separate list of emails. Easy!
Here’s the workflow:
  1. Head over to mailchimp and sign up for an account. You’ll need to have various details like a registered address and contact details ready.
  2. Get hold of your api key like so
  3. Drop it into your klemi settings page here:
  4. Create your first list by
    1. EITHER (if  the list matches a department / group / role)
      1. Click on the comms icon in Klemi => 
      2. Create a new mailing list hooked into a department / group / role etc.
    2. OR (if it’s more complicated and you want it based on a search)
      1. Go to the members page
      2. Use the search to select only the records you want on your list
      3. Click on “Actions” and then “export to mailing list”
  5. Keep your list up to date using the “update to mailchimp” button in the comms manager on klemi.
  6. Go to mailchimp to set up your first campaign.