Availability Polls for Service Grids.

Here’s a joke: What do churches have in common with helicopters? The longer you hang around, the more likely you’ll get sucked into the rotas/rotors. Okay, it’s better when you say it, but still, rotas are a big deal aren’t they? Klemi tries hard to take some of the enormous potential for time wastage and mistakes out of rota creation. From the service grid you select the services for which you want to collect availability (tip: use the filter button to filter out services that only happen at a particular time of day, or services that happen within a particular month or season), and then ‘create availability rota’. You can select the people you want to add to the poll by their name, role, group or department, and to make it easy Klemi will tell you who that actually is at the current time. Each member on the rota will receive an email with a private link. By following that link they’ll be able to see the availability of others (if it has been submitted) and submit their own. You can then view (and if needs be edit) that information yourself under ‘polls’. Once you’ve collected the information it will be automatically fed into the service grid functionality. Now, when you go to select members for a role in a service, the servicemanager will make suggestions from those who are available and will warn you if you’re about to select someone who isn’t.