Work flow from Group Creation through to Register

  1. Create a youth group
    1. Go to “Groups”
    2. Click on “New Group” – and fill in the information
    3. Make sure you add the “youth” tag in the tags list
  2. Go to the “Youth” – you should now see the group that you created above
  3. Create a Register
    1. Click on “New Register” next to the group you have created
    2. Choose whether you want and in/out register (allowing you to keep full track of who’s there) or  attendance only (no timings – good for after the event)
    3. Click “Create”
    4. Start checking kids in

Sometimes you’ll want to check in people who are not originally in the group –

  1. Click on “Add row”
    1. Enter the person’s name –
    2. If they’re on klemi already you can select the immediately
    3. If they’re not on klemi – you can add them by name. Note a few things
      1. You will be assigning a new family to this person – if the new person is not on klemi but are part of an existing family you will need to merge this information later on (or ask your administrator to help)
      2. You can add a contact name and contact number – this is a shortcut to enable you to have contact information with the record without having to create the full parental record.
    4. You can choose either to make the a “guest” which means they won’t be added to the group, only to this register, or you can automatically add them to the group as well -> from now on they will appear in the group, and therefore will always appear in registers in the future.