Youth Registers

Keeping youngsters safe and caring for them well is something every church member is on board with in principle. In practice, however, it’s not so easy to make it happen week in week out. Nothing can replace loving, godly youth leaders, but good systems can help. That’s why we’re piloting a new piece of functionality on klemi which allows users to create youth registers.

Just flick a switch!

A youth register allows youth ministry leaders to clock kids in and out of any activity which the simple flick of a switch.

The advantages are several: at any one time youth leaders can know how many and which children they are supposed to be caring for; there is a clear process for handover to a parent or guardian (signing a child out); there is a ‘digital paper trail’ of timings; once the activity is done, the register remains as a record of attendance.

Key information at leaders’ fingertips…

It also gives easy access to parental contact details and medical/allergy information from the register interface so that leaders can get this information when they need it.

Automatically populated…

The names for the registers are populated automatically from an existing youth group which means there’s no tedious copying of names each time. Adding new names also allows those members to be added to the group in perpetuity.

Optimised for mobile…

Registers are specially optimised for mobile so that they’re easy to fill in from a phone or a tablet, and require only small amounts of data transfer, allowing them to work on weak mobile signals just as well as on superfast broadband.

Go to the youth workflow help page to see a full explanation of how to use.