This help page is designed to explain some of the less obvious fields Klemi holds for members:

  1. School Year: a year number (e.g. 2012) that corresponds to the academic year the member belongs to. This may differ from their birth year. So, for example, a person born on Jan 1st 2013 would normally have a school year of 2012, because their birth date puts them into the school year which begins September 2012. The advantage of such a field is that it is fixed (unlike the name of an educational stage like  ‘year 5’ or ‘year 6’ which needs to be updated each year) and that it is separate from date of birth. This is important because some children, for example some parents decide that those born late in the academic year e.g. August may start school a year later than usual and this field allows the church to work out which children are actually school year contemporaries, which can often be used as a marker for progressing through youth ministries.