The Klemi Giving App keeps your data simple and consistent by linking any givers to your existing Klemi member directory. That way there is minimal possibility of Givers and Members becoming out of sync and you don’t need to worry about a separate process for handling givers’ personal data – it’s the same as your members.

This linking is achieved by matching email and postcode from the financial information that the Direct Debit processor feeds back to Klemi.  If Klemi has a member with matching details the supporter record on Klemi Giving is automatically linked to the main Klemi App and directory. If ever the member record is updated (they move house, get a new email, etc. etc.) all that information is then automatically updated too.

For givers who are not on Klemi you will see their donations logged simply under an email. To access further information on that giver you should follow the link to their GoCardless profile page on their supporter page in Klemi Giving. GoCardless will hold full address and contact information for that user.